Festival Edition 2011

Dare to Document


This year, a total of twenty local and international films was screened in ten locations across Malaysia including one in Singapore around the running theme of “Dare to Document”.

Films Screened at this edition

  1. Lot, Umah Am by Liaw Pey Wen
  2. Huruf J by Afiq Deen
  1. Aku Siapa? By Norhayati Kaprawi (MY)
  2. Coundown to A Toxic Future by Jonathan Wong & Raymond Lim
  3. Courage Unfolds by International Day and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and LeaP
  4. Demockcrazy by Duangporn Pakavirojkul (TH)
  5. Into Thin Air by Mohammadreza Farzad
  6. Jalan Pinta by Namron (MY)
  7. Like Toy Dolls by Chen Yih Wen (MY)
  8. Me & My Nose by Ziska Szemes
  9. Oily Hair by Indrani Kopal & Simon De Wardi
  10. Pre-Attitude by Panu Saeng-xuto
  11. Searching For A “Malaysian Identity” by Andrew Ng & Evelyn The (MY)
  12. Senyak…Tersentak by Pusat KOMAS (MY)
  13. Silent by Thanasit Gerbunsong
  14. The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan by Jamie Doran
  15. The Imam and The Pastor
  16. Trangender: Rights and Rites by Arvind Raj (MY)
  17. Ulu Bengoh Darum Piin by Joachim Leong (MY)

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The 2011 Award Winners

FreedomFilmFest Film Grant Winners

Afiq Deen for Huruf J
Liaw Pey Wen for Lot, Umah Am