Festival Edition 2010

Dare to Document


The running theme for the festival, “Dare To Document”, encourages freedom of expression and information regarding social issues in Malaysia.

FFF2010 is featured 14 award winning local and internaional documentaries. Amongg them were multi awardwinning film “Pray The Devil Back To Hell” by Abigail E. Disney & Gini Reticker which tells the amazing story of how ordinary women came together despite their religious and economic differences to bring peace to their war-torn but beloved Liberia and also “Raul The Terrible”, by David Bradbury which chronicles the life of an Argentinian activist and his efforts to organise the poor during a national financial crisis.

Films Screened at this edition

  1. Pilih by Loo Que Lin
  2. Hak Dinafikan by Abri Yok Chopil & Shafie Dris
  3. Kisah Tauke Mancis & Minyak Tumpah by Sheridan Mahavera & Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi
  1. Budaya Tak Terbatas by Kampung Halaman & IPMKR-Y
  2. Burma’s Hidden Killers by Sam Kalayanee
  3. Every Mother’s Son by Tami Gold & Kelly Anderson
  4. Hongsa’s Bag by Supamok Silarak, Friends Without Border
  5. Ke Arah Hutan Lestari (Towards Sustainable Forests) by Centre Of Orang Asli Concerns (COAC) & Jaringan Orang Asal Malaysia (JOAS )
  6. Mencari Kartika by Norhayati kaprawi & Ucu Augustin
  7. Pray The Devil Back To Hellby Abigail E. Disney & Gini Reticker
  8. Raul The Terrible by David Bradbury
  9. Special Pass by Vicknesh Varan
  10. The Story Of Human Rights by United For Human Rights
  11. Uranium – Is It A Country? by S. Auth, I. Huber & K. Schnatz

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The 2010 Award Winners

FreedomFilmFest Film Grant Winners

Loo Que Lin for Pilih
Abri Yok Chopil & Shafie Dris for Hak Dinafikan
Sheridan Mahavera & Siti Nurbaiyah for Kisah Tauke Mancis & Minyak Tumpah