“History is interconnected with the present. How we look at history will determine our perspective of the present. We have to embrace our history, no matter good or bad, to understand our present.”
— Lau Kek Huat, Taiwanese filmmaker and FreedomFilmFest2020 Festival Juror

FreedomFilmFest Editions

FreedomFilmFest began in 2003 as a platform for filmmakers and activists to showcase their films and advocate their causes to the Malaysian public.

As the only International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, we had to privilege to host and screen critically acclaimed social films locally and internationally.

Each year, we award the most compelling human rights stories with the Justin Louis Award.

We also support film production and the development of local talents with the FreedomFilmFest film grant.

Here are some key FreedomFilmFest highlights in our most recent years: