Festival Edition 2012

DEMOCRACY: Participate. Advocate. Change


FreedomFilmFest (FFF) turned 10 this year and celebrated it with a multi-arts human rights festival, named the FREEDOM ARTS FEST (FAF) in Selangor.

Films Screened at this edition

  1. M-C-M by Boon Kia Meng
  2. Rights of The Dead by Tricia Yeoh
  3. The Silent Riot by Nadira Ilana
  1. 5 Broken Cameras byy Emad Burnat & Guy Davidi
  2. Awin Meke by Cyntia Warwe
  3. Call Me Kuchu by Malika Zouhali-Worral & Katherine Fairfax Wright
  4. Child Rights Under Special Law by Mhd.Sabri Yusoff
  5. Dear Mandela by Dara Kell & Christopher Nizza
  6. Dilema Batu Paras by Gede Sugiarta (ID)
  7. Flying Anne by Catherine van Campen
  8. Half Revolution by Omar Sharqawi & Karim El Hakim
  9. Into the Current: Burma Political Prisoners by Jeanne Hallacy (MM)
  10. Ironic Survival by Leo Mayuwend
  11. Kids’ Rights – Romy and Anna by Marjoleine Boonstra & Ayfer Ergun
  12. Left to Survive by Albert Pu’u
  13. Love Letter to Soldier by Wenda Tokomoniwir
  14. Mugabe: What Happened
  15. People Power vs The State by Soh Sook Haw (MY)
  16. Perjuangan Orang Asli Lakon by Shafie Dris (MY)
  17. Please Vote for Me by Weijun Chen (CH)
  18. Robert Mugabe: what happened? By Simon Bright

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The 2012 Award Winners

FreedomFilmFest Film Grant Winners

Boon Kia Meng for M-C-M
Tricia Yeoh for Rights of The Dead
Nadira Ilana for The Silent Riot