“I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything.”
– John Steinback, author​


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FFF2023 film grant winner delves into drag artists’ resistance against sexuality policing

FFF2023 grant winner delves into drag artists’ resistance against sexuality policing. The infamous raid at REXKL reminded Zinc of her own brush with the law and its ominous presence in private spaces. Especially the way...

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Legal Charges Against Mentega Terbang Filmmakers Threatens the Essence of Freedom

We, the undersigned, are writing this statement in response to the recent charges brought against Mohd Khairi Anwar Jailani and Tan Meng Kheng, whose recent film ‘Mentega Terbang’ has ignited a conversation around religious issues....

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Tuduhan Terhadap Mentega Terbang Menggugat Masa Depan Industri Perfileman Malaysia 

17 Januari 2023: Hari ini, Pengarah dan Penerbit filem Mentega Terbang, Khairi Anwar dan Tan Meng Kheng telah didakwa di bawah Seksyen 298 iaitu dengan sengaja berniat melukakan perasaan agama orang lain. Tuduhan tersebut boleh...

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Charges Against Mentega Terbang Cloud Malaysian Film Industry’s Future

Khairi Anwar and Tan Meng Kheng, respectively the director and producer of Mentega Terbang, were charged with deliberately wounding the religious feelings of others under Section 298 of the Penal Code. Criminalising filmmakers for a...

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Freedom Film Network is hiring. Join our team!

Freedom Film Network is hiring. We are looking for a super organised programme manager to support civil society members and activist filmmakers to use film as a social impact tool for change and a full...

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With Home Sweet Home, FFF2023 film grant winner explores two women’s quest for self and home

All her life, FFF2023 film grant winner, Megan Wonowidjoyo tried to be different from her mother. Yet when she was going through a divorce, which she describes as her lowest point, she found herself running...

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FFF2023 film grant winner unveils the reality of sexual violence towards men

According to the Malaysian Penal Code, rape is defined as intercourse with women against her will or without her consent.  What does this mean for men who are victims of such crimes too? FFF2023 film...

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Indigenous stories, indigenous connection

Apa Kata Wanita Orang Asli, a young Orang Asli women collective who advocates for indigenous rights through film, is empowering the youth from their community to speak out through a creative video competition. Eleven content creators...

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FreedomFilmFest 2022: Coming back with a bang to inspire change, build communities

During the post-screening discussion of Fafa: Perjuangan Yang Tak Didendang, Sam (not his real name), who was in the audience, stood up to share how the film inspired him to open up about his own...

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NEW and available: 12 Malaysian social films to screen in your community

After the 19th edition of the FreedomFilmFest was launched in Petaling Jaya and showcased on the big screen for the first time since the pandemic, we are now taking our stories nationwide. These stories, of...

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Social impact grantee to use film to engage with therapists on LGBTQ mental health

Covid-19 has put extraordinary stress on the mental health of marginalised groups such as the LGBTQ community as they often face difficulty getting help in Malaysia’s conservative society.  Freedom Film Network is helping to change...

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Sarawak IP group harness FFN’s social impact grant to strengthen their claims on their ancestral land through film.

Indigenous People rights NGO, Society for Rights of Indigenous People of Sarawak (SCRIPS) was one of the recipients of Freedom Film Network’s social impact grant for civil society organisations (CSOs) to use film to strengthen...