Festival Edition 2020

Bangsa: Manusia

Race: Human

The timely theme BANGSA: MANUSIA (RACE : HUMAN) in the year 2020 grapples with ideas of race, creed, colour, migrant, refugee and the systemic injustices faced by those defined as other. This year’s festival features works by some of our film grant winners exploring what it means to be the other.

Being online on CloudTheatre for the very first time

Year 2020 where a pandemic is still sweeping across the world, rebooting the reality of our lives and changing what we once took as normal life into something very different, the FreedomFilmFest like most festivals worldwide has had to adapt – and transition to an online digital experience. The festival was held online on CloudTheatre for 4 days, 10 Dec to 13 Dec.

FreedomFilmFest 2020 taking place online Dec 10-13 (The Star, 24 November 2020)

Concurrent screenings with our 6 state partners in Malaysia and Singapore

In the 4 days of festival, our festival partners from Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, George Town, Muar, Temerloh, Langkawi and Singapore held screenings with local audience as their focus of discussions. / more focused on local discussion on the issue

News Coverage

  1. At 72, she made her firs documentary to advocate against ageism (The Star on Meniti Senja, 2 December 2020)
  2. SinChew, 26 November 2020
  3. BFM 89.9, 8 December 2020
  4. 18 filem teroka tema Bangsa Manusia dalam Freedom Film Fest (FMT, 12 December 2020)
  5. Behind Malaysia’s Drug Laws: A Family’s Ordeal (New Naratif, 27 November 2020)

Films Screened at this edition

  1. My Father, Dr.G (Ayahku, Dr.G) by Loh Jo Yee, Hidayah Hisham & Dominique Teoh (MY)
  2. The Shades of Love by Jessica Lee (SG)
  3. The Twilight Years (Meniti Senja) by Lily Fu (MY)
  1. Farmers Are Not Lazy (Petani Bukan Pemalas) (MY)
  2. Nasir Jani Melawan Lembaga Puaka by Arian Md Zahari (MY)
  3. Roots of My Land (Selai Kayu Yek) by Ada Along, Analisa Atang, Arni Natasya, Azie Suzana, Diana Tan, Lungey Uda, Maranisnie Mohsin, Natasya Robut, Niwani Sari, Nora Kantin, Rosdila Roslan, Rosita Dollah, Selindang Seliman, Sherry Tan, Sylvia Othman, Yaliyana Lenab (MY)
  4. The Forest, My Clinic (Klinik Ku Hutan) by Arni Natasya, Azie Suzana, Lungey Uda, Maranisnie Mohsin, Rosdila Roslan, Rosita Dollah, Selindang Seliman, Sherry Tan, Sylvia Othman, Yaliyana Lenab (MY)
  1. A Daughter’s Memory by Kartika Pratiwi, (ID)
  2. Di Luar Bayangan: Kisah Chandran by Jason Ong (MY)
  3. Di Luar Bayangan: Kisah Que Lin by Goh Choon Ean (MY)
  4. Invisible City by Tan Pin Pin (SG)
  5. Orang Singapura (Make it Right for Singapore) by Tay Bee Pin (SG)
  6. Said Zahari’s 17 years by Martyn See (SG)
  7. Still Here, Still Walking by Kat Catalan (PH)
  8. SULOH by Norhayati Kaprawi (MY)
  9. The Four HDB Blocks of Siglap by Tay Bee Pin (SG)
  10. The Great North Korean Picture Show by Lynn Lee & James Leong (SG)

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