Festival Edition 2020

Bangsa: Manusia


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The FreedomFilmFest was founded on the idea that the unique voice of films speaks to each and every one of us to bridge divides, ignite conversations and challenge perceptions.

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This year 2020 where a pandemic is still sweeping across the world, rebooting the reality of our lives and changing what we once took as normal life into something very different, the FreedomFilmFest like most festivals worldwide has had to adapt – and transition to an online digital experience Our world may have comes off the rails but our commitment to filmmaking continues.


In 2020, FreedomFilmFest returns for four days from 10-13th December with the timely theme RACE : HUMAN. Especially relevant is where we have grappled with ideas of race, creed, colour, migrant, refugee and the systemic injustices faced by those defined as other. This year’s Fest features works by some of our film grant winners exploring what it means to be the other.

Premiere Screenings of Malaysian and South East Asian Films

FreedomFilmFest turns 18th in 2020 and offers a spectacle of critically acclaimed films and conversations with screenings of the finest Malaysian and South East Asian films including a Retrospective of Singaporean Filmmakers exploring issues ranging from state assault on the freedom of expression in Malaysia, the plight of sex workers in Singapore during the pandemic, art-of-the-state propaganda in North Korea and children of the disappeared in 1965 Indonesia to Orang Asli facing encroachment on their native lands.

A Retrospective of Singaporean Filmmakers

This year’s Festival showcases a retrospective of four Singaporean filmmakers – Lynn Lee, Tay Bee Pin, Tan Pin Pin and Martyn See – their differing cinematic styles offer us a unique Singaporean signature touching on the art-of-the-state propaganda in North Korea, political dissent, media censorship and an unforgettable fire in Singapore’s HDB housing heartland.

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