Festival Edition 2019

Harga Naik, Gaji Maintain

(Prices Rise, Wages Stagnate)

FFF2019 highlights that the UN Declaration on Human Rights declares that “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of [themselves] and of [their] family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care.”

But despite that, many of us are struggling to provide for ourselves. Issues such as the rising cost of living, the ever increasing price of food and petrol, the struggle to finance housing and pay for healthcare and stagnant wages are serious issues facing Malaysians and the international community alike.

Here are some of our highlights:

First-ever art battle inspired by our films

It’s a beautiful thing when art inspires other artists.

FayFay, an aspiring Portrait Artist, specializing in portrait painting, was part of our first ever art battle inspired by the films featured at the festival. This community of Malaysian artist, were given 30 minutes to live paint in front of a live audience as part of our festival activities.

The winning artwork by FayFay inspired by the film A Thousand Girls Like Me

Dialogue on global housing crisis with policy-makers

The festival opened with PUSH, a feature documentary film by Fredrik Gertten on housing as a fundamental human rights.

Fredrik was at the festival to present his film and to take questions from the audience after the film. It was a full house screening and attendees included then Deputy Minister of Housing and Local Government, Raja Kamarul Bahrin.

An extended forum entitled, Pushing back on affordable homes in the city – What can our local govt do? was held after the screening with Fredrik, MP of Petaling Jaya Puan Maria Chin and Deputy Director of Research from Khazanah Research Institute, Chris Choong

Partnership with community organisation Pit Stop

Together with Pit Stop, we had a multimedia workshop using photography and video, adopts a different perspective by inviting kitchen soup volunteers, artists and young filmmakers to converse with the homeless people, and collaboratively produce short multimedia narratives.

We went on a roadshow across Malaysia

Aside from the screenings at Petaling Jaya, our festival travelled to Muar, Johor Bahru, Temerloh, George Town, Ipoh, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Miri.

News Coverage

  1. The racial riots that took place on May 13, 1969, remain a wound that has yet to heal – even after 50 years (Malaysiakini on 50 Years of Silence, 26 Sept 2019)
  2. ASTRO AWANI: The Future is Female (5 October 2019)
Melisa Idris speaks to two first-time female filmmakers — Azreen Madzlan, director of ‘Demi Paymitra’ and Minxi Chua, director of ‘Bila Kami Bersatu’ — about the importance of telling social justice stories and getting the narrative right.

Films Screened at this edition

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The 2019 Award Winners

Best Feature Documentary

Push by Fredrik Gertten
Sisters for Sale by Ben Randall (Special Jury Prize)

Best Short Documentary

Mother, Daughter, Sister by Jeanne Hallacy
50 Years of Silence by Tham Seen Hau (Special Jury Prize)

Best Student Film

Day of a Doctor by Fahmi Sani
Bridge Commuters by Venus Oh (Special Jury Prize)

Most Outstanding Human Rights Film (Malaysian film grant awardees)