“I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything.”
– John Steinback, author​

Amplifying Voices

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Indigenous stories, indigenous connection

Apa Kata Wanita Orang Asli, a young Orang Asli women collective who advocates for indigenous rights through film, is empowering the youth from their community to speak out through a creative video competition. Eleven content creators...

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Youth at Heart of Social Change

How do you spark a movement in your school? Freedom Film Network in partnership with Apa Kata Wanita Orang Asli are banding together with schools to aid students in their social justice campaigns. Here is one...

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The Orang Asli Women’s Journey

Rise Up: If Not Us, Then Who? Sherry Tan, a spunky 21-year-old from the Jakun tribe in Malaysia, went live on YouTube for the first time in November last year. “I was nervous and happy...

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Book Launch of “Kami Pun Ada Hak Bersekolah: Wanita Orang Asli Bersuara”

Freedom Film Network will be hosting a book launch of “Kami Pun Ada Hak Bersekolah: Wanita Orang Asli Bersuara” in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday 25th February 2019. This book is a compilation of personal stories...