Waiting For Time

(Menunggu Masa)

Menunggu Masa
21 mins
Bahasa Malaysia, English, Tamil
Sherrie Razak Dali & Seira Sacha Abu Bakar


Malaysia is currently in a state of flux. A moratorium has been placed on death penalty cases until further review but those waiting on death row and their loved ones continue to suffer.

Waiting For Time (Menunggu Masa) highlights how a miscarriage of justice is just one reason why the death penalty must be repealed.

Agila was just 3 years old when she was last held by her father. Her father Mainthan has spent the last 14 years on death row after being convicted of murder. A murder, her father claims he did not commit.

A total of 19 judges have heard the case, but Mainthan remains behind bars. With multiple discrepancies in the case and with newly surfaced evidence, Mainthan’s lawyers filed for court reviews, but none were granted.

This film follows Agila, her mother and her siblings as they wait for him to come home, while Mainthan waits to meet his fate

Awards & Screenings

Menunggu Masa had many public screenings including at the World Congress Against the Death Penalty, Brussels, Belgium (2019) and Murder by Numbers Film Festival 6th (Taiwan) in 2020.

News Coverage

  1. We may not be able to say it is fulfilling but being able to have his story presented and what it meant to his family and friends to help him in any possible way is something we feel strongly about. (SINdie on Menunggu Masa, September 2018)
  2. We feel if we do not tell Mainthan’s story and what the family is going through, no one will know about it (The Star on Menunggu Masa, 30 September 2018)