Aku Mau Skola

Aku Mau Skola Poster
21 mins
Bahasa Malaysia
Bahasa Malaysia, English
 Putri Purnama


In a baking hot shack with a leaky roof, over 70 stateless children squeeze in daily to study under the guidance of their teacher, Rujiah Sami. Rujiah founded a school four years ago to provide basic education to those living in her community. Her determination is mirrored by some of her students who have to go beyond normal lengths to attain basic reading and writing skills with the hope of a better future. Aku Mau Skola reveals how stateless and marginalised children in Sabah have an incredible desire to pursue learning.

Awards & Screenings

In 2019, the film won Silver Awards at the 49th Rosh’d International Film Festival, Iran.

Aku Mau Skola has toured many local and international film festival such as Global Migrant Festival (SINGAPORE), Wathann International Film Festival (S-Express Programme) (MYANMAR), Minikino Film Week 5 (S-Express Programme) (INDONESIA) Cambodia International Film Festival (S-Express Programme) (CAMBODIA), Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival (MALAYSIA), SEAxSEA Southeast Asia x Seattle Film Festival (USA), and London Eco Film Festival (UK).

News Coverage

  • It breaks my heart when I see how passionate these kids are to get an education. They don’t have anything else. They struggle, but even then, they want to go to school (FMT, 17 September 2018)
  • Awani Review: Filmmaker Putri Purnama: Stateless Kids Plight in her Sight