2006 – The Invisible Children


Director/Pengarah: Hariati Azizan
Duration/Tempoh : 20 minutes
Language/Bahasa : BM
Subtitles/Sarikata : English & BM

In Malaysia, there are about 9,000 refugee children living in the fringes of our society, leading a marginalized existence. These children are denied access to adequate education, which is imposing a poor prospect for their future. Even if they are receiving some schooling, they are usually relegated to substandard educational facilities, poorer quality of instructions and fewer teaching materials, let alone getting any opportunities for higher education.

Di Malaysia, terdapat kira-kira 9,000 kanak-kanak pelarian yang hidup terumbang-ambing dalam masyarakat kita. Dinafikan hak menerima pendidikan, persekolahan mereka di peringkat komuniti sering dilanda masalah infrastruktur dan mutu pengajaran yang lemah.