• Year: 2015
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Country: Malaysia, Germany
  • Language: English

Film Director(s)

Ryan Anderson

Film Synopsis:

EVICTED! is year 1 from a multi-year short film project. It follows four neighbors in Penang who are evicted as the town gentrifies. Why are they being evicted and what are their expectation for the future? Mr. Teh ran the Sky Hotel that his grandfather started and points out that the tourist boom in George Town benefits the rich. Vayshu is a transwoman sex worker who doesn’t know where she can go if she is kicked out. 91-year old Mr. Ong opened his chemical retail store shortly after the Korean War but closing his business is primarily an emotional loss – not a financial one. Mrs. Lian operates a one-lady newspaper recycling business, who’s eviction could mean she is again dependent upon her husband.

Year 1 of EVICTED! explores several themes highlighted by the Freedom Festival: “Poverty and the economic structure”, “Gender and Identity” and “ASEAN”. The director has continued to follow the subject and aims to complete the project in 2020.

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