About Us

The Freedom Film Network (FFN) is a not-for-profit body established to support and develop social documentary filmmaking within the context of freedom of expression and values contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) in Malaysia.

Network Members

We are a collective of filmmakers with a passion for telling stories of Malaysian social reality and would like to engage other like-minded Malaysians who would like to make positive changes in our society

FFN is an assertion of freedom of expression and information in an environment of increasingly repressive social film making context in Malaysia. We also want to show that social filmmakers are important stakeholders in nation building as the commercial mass media continues to be controlled by politically motivated regulations and corporate interests.

FFN aims to be a network where social filmmakers can share peer support to inspire, motivate and enhance each other’s capacities to produce powerful and relevant social films within limited budgets and other constraints in film production work.

The FFN has the following focus:


Skills and capacity building


Social Film Planning & Production


Social Film Strategy & Impact Plan Development



An International human rights documentary film festival


Network building & Cooperation

on the local, regional and international level


Sustainable Social Filmmaking Model development

The FFN was conceptualized and created by Pusat KOMAS, a Malaysian popular communications human rights NGO established in 1993. Pusat KOMAS organized the first FreedomFilmFestival in 2003 to promote human rights through social films. Since then this activity has expanded and grown to a point where we felt it would better serve its cause by becoming its own entity.


In 2016,

it was then decided that the FFN would be formed and at the beginning of 2017, FFN was registered as a non-profit company with the registrar of companies in Malaysia. The FFN network and its activities are managed by a core team consisting of the Executive Director, a Program Coordinator and a part time Production Consultant.

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