2019 Bila Kami Bersatu


Director/Pengarah: Minxi Chua & Asyraf Abdul Samad
Year/Tahun: 2019
Duration/Masa: 20 mins
Language/Bahasa: Bahasa Malaysia
Subtitles/Sarikata: English

‘Bila Kami Bersatu’ (When We Are One) follows the lives and struggles of three women from Malaysia’s national hospital service workers’ labor union as they collectively fight for their monthly wages to be raised to RM1,500. The film documents their day-to-day experiences as hospital service workers, providing rarely seen insights into the lives of working class women in Malaysia. It also shows the real life stakes they face within an increasingly unequal economic system and the political and social risks they take in order to improve their lives and that of the other workers in their industry.