The Story of Kam Agong

Kam Agong
30 mins
Lun Bawang
Bahasa Malaysia, English
Lawrence Jayaraj, Agnes Padan & Wong Chin Hor


Agnes Padan takes a long journey back to her Lun Bawang village in Long Semadoh, in the interior of Sarawak to piece together what happened to her mother, Kam Agong, who died sixteen years ago shortly after she gave birth to her eighth son, Jordan. Agnes’ journey reveals a story of severe medical negligence that led to Kam Agong’s eventual painful death. Through ‘The Story of Kam Agong’, we get a glimpse of the state of maternity healthcare available to villagers living in rural areas of Sarawak.

Awards & Screenings

The film had many public screenings in Malaysia including in universities such as University Kebangsaan Malaysia (Institute of Ethnic Studies), University Malaya (Faculty of Medicine) and KASIH Malaysia. The film was also screening at Think City, Malaysia in conjunction of International Woman’s Day in 2019. The film was selected for BMW Shorties Film Festival in 2019 and International Indigenous Film Festival, Kuching in 2020.

News Coverage

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  3. “Nobody has done anything. Nobody has voiced out anything for better maternity care in Sarawak, especially in Lawas, because of the connectivity, pregnant women cannot take flight, no passport how to travel to Miri? Cost of travelling is another issue.” (Dayak Daily on The Story of Kam Agong, 26 Oct 2018)
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