2015 Sindiket


Director/Pengarah: Nizam Andan & Atama
Duration/Tempoh : 30 minutes
Language/Bahasa : Malay
Subtitles/Sarikata : English

The Sabah Royal Commission of Inquiry (Sabah RCI) was established to investigate allegations that citizenship had been given to undocumented migrants from Indonesia and the Philippines in exchange for votes for the incumbent government. However the Sabah RCI has raised more questions rather than answered the existing anxieties of Sabahans. The Sabah RCI was asked, “Was the granting of fake identity cards related to politics?”. Many Sabahans believe that the answer is undoubtedly, yes. However, the Sabah RCI denied a political link to what has become colloquially known as “Project IC”, an answer that has frustrated Sabahans. Sindiket is a search for the answers left out of the official “truth”.