2014 Fight Through Cartoon


Director/Pengarah: Zunar and Mic Hoo
Duration/Tempoh : 20 minutes
Language/Bahasa : English
Subtitles/Sarikata : BM

“How can I be neutral, even my pen has a stand.” Like many of his international counterparts, Zunar uses cartoons to communication his frustration with Malaysian leaders. Fusing powerful visuals with satire and humour, Zunar seeks to raise the conscience of the people to rise together to fight corruption and injustice. However, his attempts to bring awareness have resulted in his arrest under the Sedition Act and bans on his cartoon books. His office is also under constant monitoring, and his constantly raided. Undeterred, Zunar says “I will keep drawing until my very last drop of ink!” Zunar is winner of the international “Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award”.