Poca Boy

POCA Boy is the story of young juveniles detained and kept under Prevention of Crime Act (1959) POCA, a detention without trial law, which allow the authority to remand and detain any suspect for 60 days without judiciary oversight.

Woman at Home

A home-maker devotes her life to taking care of her husband and children.


Mary’s husband has an accident at home and, rather than saving him, she stops helping and watches him die.

Counterfeit Kunkoo

In a country where marital rape is not a legal crime, it took a lot for Smita to escape an abusive marriage. She lives in a one room apartment in Mumbai, earning her living by making imitation mangalsutras (necklace worn by married women).


A Buddhist nun, a Christian nun, and a Muslim woman in Myanmar. Their lives, their experiences, and the challenges that they face.


Yield is an ethnographic inquiry done over a period of five years, documenting the lives of nine children living in dire Third World conditions.

The Nameless Boy

The film follows a young unnamed Muslim boy through one of the protest in a long series of demonstrations by Muslim hardliners against the former governor of Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia.

I am Parmalin

Carles Butar Butar (17 years old) is a Parmalim teenage boy who has two major roles in life, as a son who helps his family economy by working in the fields and an ordinary teenage boy who tries to fullfill his dream as a policeman.

Health Undocumented

Sparked by backlash to a neo-nazi rally and anti-immigrant laws, a group of activists organize their community to build Phoenix Allies for Community Health, a free clinic for undocumented immigrants.


Kantoi tells a story of Alia who is having a dilemma of whether to tell her bestfriend, Raihan that the positive pregnancy test that they found is actually hers.

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