Festival Theme

Pandemik Dua Darjat (Pandemic of Inequality) is about how the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the inequality between the haves and have-nots, and between those in power and the disempowered. 

People are treated unjustly based on their social status. We see this in who gets retrenched and who gets exempted from movement restriction rules.

We see how hospital cleaners don’t qualify for special allowances even though they are front liners, just like doctors, nurses and police officers. Similarly, students in rural areas suffer from poor internet connectivity and access to online education. 

On the first day of April 2022, Malaysia emerges from two years of fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and into a phase that many hope will signal the return to normality.

However, recovering from the pandemic won’t be easy with decades-old problems such as income inequality, which has widened over the past two years. The Covid crisis had exacerbated inequalities to a massive financial gap between the very wealthy and the rest of the population in Malaysia and around the world.

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