“I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything.”

– John Steinback, author


“Love, In The Time of Coronavirus” – Documenting Life Through the Voices of Singapore’s Sex Workers

Marginalised groups like migrant workers, refugees and women and children across the globe have been some of the hardest hit. And Singapore is no different.

As Covid-19 rages across the world, lives have been upended, institutions left in panic and entire industries affected. From tourism to aviation, food and beverage to the creative industries – livelihood and normalcy desperately needed during this turbulent period have been snatched away.
Ganja – untuk sekian lama distreotaipkan masyarakat sebagai bahan terlarang yang memudaratkan. Bagi penguasa, bukan sahaja di Malaysia malah hampir seluruh dunia sejak bermula abad ke-20; ganja dipukul rata dan dibingkaikan sebagai gateway drug kepada dadah lain yang lebih berbahaya.
Prior to his arrest, Amiruddin had found effective relief in the use of marijuana to treat his own chronic illnesses and had decided to help other terminally ill patients who were suffering from epilepsy and leukemia in Malaysia.
“In a society where cash is king, destitute elderly have no power, no voice and no rights”