Featuring FFF2019 Film Grant Winner – Azreen Madzlan

This week we highlight filmmaker and freelance video producer Azreen Madzlan who is the recipient of one of this year’s film grants for pitching her documentary “Demi Paymitra”.

Appeal for immediate release of filmmaker and human rights festival founder, Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi

The Human Rights Film Network, a partnership of 40 human rights film festivals around the world, would like to raise our concerns about the health and treatment of our friend and colleague, Min Htin Ko Ko Gyi, filmmaker and  the founder of the Myanmar Human Rights Human Dignity Film Festival, who has been charged under Article 505(a) of Myanmar’s Penal Code and Section 66(d) of the Telecommunications Act.

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Kami Pun Ada Hak Bersekolah: Wanita Orang Asli Bersuara

"Kami Pun Ada Hak Bersekolah: Wanita Orang Asli Bersuara" yang merupakan kompilasi kisah-kisah peribadi yang ditulis oleh 18 wanita muda Orang Asli. Kisah ini menceritakan pengalaman peribadi mereka mendepani cabaran berkaitan pendidikan dan impian serta aspirasi...

FreedomFilmFest Call For Film Entries Focusing on Wealth Inequality

Press Release 11/02/2019 KUALA LUMPUR: The 17th edition of Malaysia's leading international human rights documentary film festival, 'FreedomFilmFest' (FFF) will take place in the Klang Valley between 20th - 28th September 2019 and will focus this year's attention on...


FreedomFilmFest 2018, which concluded its main festival event in Selangor on 6th October was historic on many fronts. Who would have imagined as we began planning the festival at the beginning of this year, that the 14th General Election (GE14) would have seen a new government rise to power for the first time since the country’s independence?

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