“I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything.”

– John Steinback, author


“Love, In The Time of Coronavirus” – Documenting Life Through the Voices of Singapore’s Sex Workers

Marginalised groups like migrant workers, refugees and women and children across the globe have been some of the hardest hit. And Singapore is no different.

As Covid-19 rages across the world, lives have been upended, institutions left in panic and entire industries affected. From tourism to aviation, food and beverage to the creative industries – livelihood and normalcy desperately needed during this turbulent period have been snatched away.
About 10 minutes into the first online screening of “Meniti Senja” – part of the 2020 FreedomFilmFest - a chat box meant for the audience to comment on the film blew up. Accolades, comments and criticism flooded in so fast from its 300 viewers that it was nearly impossible to
“Dalam sebuah masyarakat yang memuja kekayaan dan harta benda, warga tua yang terabai tidak mempunyai daya, suara, mahupun hak” ujar Lily Fu, 72 dalam melihat duduk letak sebilangan komuniti yang dilupakan masyarakat.
We, the undersigned organisations and individuals, welcome Communication and Multimedia Minister Saifuddin Abdullah’s pledge that the government will not be using the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia Act 1981 (Finas Act or Akta 244) to infringe on personal freedom on social media. This comes after his shocking statement in Parliament