FFN commissioned reports on film censorship in Malaysia

An Evaluation of the Film Censorship Framework in Malaysia​

This report by Maha Balakrishnan explores the following questions:

  1. Do the principal structural elements of the film censorship framework under the Film Censorship Act (FCA) create a rights-based, inclusive, transparent, and accountable regulatory system?
  2. Do the content restrictions imposed on films lead to a violation of the right to freedom of expression?
  3. Are these restrictions reasonable, proportionate and relevant?
  4. What improvements should be made to the film censorship framework?

Censorship and its Impact on the Screen Industries in Malaysia

This report by Thomas Barker discusses the practical dimensions of censorship in Malaysia and its impact on the content industries and content makers. Focussing primarily on the experiences of film and television, this report provides an overview of the censorship system in Malaysia, the parameters of censorship, important and significant cases, and offers recommendations for reform.