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Al Jafree Md Yusop

On changing the censorship system

B. Malaysia

Film censorship and age-classification in Malaysia needs to be reviewed. In this country, your movie is classified according to age of audience and censored at the same time, which is ridiculous. It should be either one. If you want to censor, just censor. If you want to classify, do it properly.

In most countries, the film development board (FINAS) is in charge of the classification. But here, FINAS is not in charge of classification. It’s the censorship board that is in charge and they are a different ministry. They are not aware of the film making arts at all. These are all moral police.

Norhayati Kaprawi

On challenging censorship.

B. Malaysia

“What we need is more awareness on the ground to make people realise that they have the right to challenge censorship. People should realise that by having a certain group of people with the power to control and do censorship based on their fixed ideology and perspective or certain agenda, people as the audience are being deprived of diverse perspectives, thoughts, knowledge, ideas and diverse human experiences.

Ayam Fared

mengenai tanggungjawab seniman dalam mengembangkan minda masyarakat

Bila pilihan yang ada hanya bersifat binari; baik atau jahat, cantik atau buruk, etc, kita develop monoculture.  Monoculture akan bunuh diversity. Bila takde diversity, kesedaran / consciousness/ enlightenment takkan muncul.

Sebab kesedaran tu hanya akan berlaku bila perbezaan-perbezaan yang wujud antara spectrum kepelbagaian ini. Dari sini kritikal thinking akan secara semulajadi berlaku secara kolektif (masyarakat).

Seniman kena lah jalan kan kerja untuk mendidik masyarakat dan penonton dengan mula mendedahkan mereka. Itu lah salah satu tanggungjawab seni – sebagai cermin kepada masyarakat.

Liew Seng Tat

the importance of diverse voices among film censors.

B. Malaysia

I'm not sure who’s sitting on the board sometimes. It used to be a lot of retired government servants sitting on the board censoring your film. 

I think we need a variety of people sitting on the censorship board. Not just government retirees. But also some business people, millennials, filmmakers, writers and people in the arts. And then of course you’ve got to have  representatives from different race groups. 

That's 10 people in the board. You cannot have 10 retired headmasters or ‘guru disiplin’ sitting there censoring your film.

Survey on censorship

Survey on Censorship

Bebaskan Filem, Merdekakan Minda Rakyat is a campaign to allow filmmakers, creative content creators and Malaysian audiences the FREEDOM to think, explore, experiment, express and engage with one another.

The data and feedback that we receive from this survey will help us create a groundswell to enact real change to achieve our campaign’s aims. Thank you for your participation and support.