how censorship IMPACTs Us

Kalau orang bantai, dia boleh bagi jawapan. Asalkan dia ada alasan, boleh lepas. Jadi saya tak kata LPF yang menghalang. Tapi orang-orang bos di atas. Sebab LPF bukan badan persendirian, dia di bawah kerajaan.

Aziz M Osman

On Self censorship

I’m not gonna make a film that is highly risky that we’ll get banned. If we are spending like a million and a half on it, […] I gotta be responsible to the investors. So, I will not do that. Of course, we push the envelope, sure, you know, the violence, sensuality, all that.

Woo Ming Jin

On Investors

Censorship is like a way of life of a filmmaker. You want to make films, you have to deal with it. It doesn’t take away your creativity, it just gets in the way. Censorship is there. You just make your film and don’t think about it. Instinctively you kind of pick at which point in the film you want to push your borders. But sometimes you do get away with it. Sometimes you would be surprised at a shot or shots that is censored, when you thought it harmless.

Suhaimi Baba

On Censorship is part of the game

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