Video for Capturing Unadulterated Truth-A video activism workshop by Arul Prakkash.

FFF2019 / Event

(By Invitation Only)


27 September 2019


3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Whether it is borrowing drone cameras to film the borderlines of their ancestral lands or using smartphones to show the violation of blockades set up to prevent tress-passing loggers and thugs paid by governments, cameras do not lie.

From livestreaming their fight taken to the streets to protest increased militarisation and deprivation of economic self-sustenance, to the tactical dissemination of their videos of evidence on social media, the original land stewards and wisdom-keepers of forested, fertile lands are fighting for the earth. And they want the world to be their witnesses.

Cameras tell their true story, even if newsrooms pander to corporations and stale governments. The tactics and strategies of citizen-journalists, activists and street protesters across the region reveal that all is not what it seems.

By learning how to safely and ethically capture footage that communicates a different story other than what is being crafted in the mainstream, the voiceless get a voice and affirm that they have agency.

This workshop is in collaboration with WITNESS

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Space at this workshop is limited. Successful applicant will be notified by 26 Sep.

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