OUTSIDE Multimedia Workshop: Storytelling With The Homeless

FFF2019 / Event


26 September 2019


1:00 pm – 10:00 pm

This multimedia workshop is focused on using photography and video, and adopts a different perspective by inviting soup kitchen volunteers, artists and young filmmakers to converse with the homeless people. They collaborate to produce short multimedia narratives and shine a different light on the the personal sharing of experiences and stories of homeless people.

The workshop participants will be guided by award-winning filmmaker Lau Kek Huat and social educationist, Joycelyn Lee.

The OUTSIDE Multimedia Workshop is organised in collaboration with Pit Stop Community Cafe.

Lau Kek Huat


Lau Kek Huat is a Malaysian filmmaker based in Taiwan. ‘Absent Without Leave’ is his debut feature documentary film, and it is also a very personal one as he documents his journey back to his hometown in Malaysia tracing the footsteps of his grandfather who was a former member of the Malayan Communist Party (CPM).

Joycelyn Lee


Joycelyn Lee is the co-founder of the Pit Stop Community Cafe, a volunteer-driven pay-it-forward cafe in Kuala Lumpur. Joycelyn co-founded the Pit Stop, registered as a social enterprise, with partner Andrea Tan in 2016 as a platform to promote volunteerism and to work with groups and communities on resolving pressing social issues.
Prior to cofounding the Pit Stop, Joycelyn was a communications specialist for more than a decade, having headed up two international communications agencies and working with an international secretariat on environmental issues. She joined the corporate world after 15 years in journalism, including more than seven years as a business writer.

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