From Reporting on the Streets to YouTube Journalism: A Video Activist Film Workshop with Lexy Junior Rambadeta

FFF2019 / Event

(By Invitation Only)


27 September 2019


3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Award winning documentary filmmaker and video journalist Lexy Junior Rambadeta will share his experience in experimenting and using different styles and techniques of story telling to create a popular demand for social and environmental justice issues videos. Lexy will present his current initiative, the “jakartanicus channel” on YouTube, where videos made by journalists and activists are able to reach as many as 1.3 million views per video.

This workshop is in collaboration with WITNESS

Lexy Junior Rambadeta


Lexy is a one-man-band multimedia journalist based in Jakarta. In June 2014, he developed a YouTube channel : jakartanicus ( It is a channel for his experiment on journalistic content, mostly in Bahasa Indonesia, which got more than 30 million views, with more than 170.000 subscribers and ten of thousands dollars of income from selected ads.

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