Changing the World, One Documentary at a Time

FFF2019 / Event

by Marion Guth, Aminda Faradilla and Ben Randall

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25 September 2019


5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Three young filmmakers share their views on creativity, career and impact in documentaries. What can young people can bring to documentaries? Can it bring them fame and fortune? Is it their weapon to create a better world?

Marion Guth


Since she cofounded a_BAHN, Marion is enjoying developing films and running around markets and festival to find the best partners. She has also created a non-profit to tackle gender stereotypes in the film industry and promote gender equality.

Ben Randall


Ben is an Australian activist and multi- award-winning documentary filmmaker. Following the abductions of his friends from Vietnam in 2011, Ben founded ‘The Human, Earth Project’ to raise awareness of the global human trafficking crisis.

Aminda Faradilla


Fara oversees production and content development at Dosfellas. She has over 10 years of experience in production having produced programmes for Al Jazeera, National Geographic Channel, NHK and Channel NewsAsia.

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