• Year: 2017
  • Duration: 25 minutes
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Language: English & Malay
  • Subtitle: English

Film Director(s)

Adam Zainal (Malaysia)

Film Synopsis:

Kantoi tells the story of Alia who is facing the dilemma of whether to tell her best friend, Raihan that the positive pregnancy test that they found is actually hers. Raihan is a typical high school girl who loves to tell and hear gossips and she is also the principal’s daughter which makes it harder for Alia to tell her. Out of Raihan’s persuasion, they go on a hunt to find out who’s test it is but as the story progresses, they meet their other school mates, Alia’s dilemma grew bigger.

In the end, both Alia and Raihan suffer consequences for their actions. Alia’s indecisiveness leads to someone else taking the blame for her positive pregnancy test and Raihan’s obsessiveness of finding out gossips leads to the destruction of her friendship with Alia.

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