FreedomFilmFest will showcase 4 Virtual Reality (VR) films that allow you to be in another person’s shoes or literally experience something from a different perspective or point of view.

 Clouds over Sidra by Gabo Arora + Chris Milk

The Zaatari Refugee Camp is home to 130,000 Syrians fleeing violence and war. Children make up half the camp’s population. This is the story of Sidra, a 12-year old girl who has spent the last 18 months in Zaatari.



Inside the Arctic by Greenpeace

Greenpeace takes us deep into the Arctic, capturing the beautiful icy landscape in 360º. We encounter the Arctic sunrise, the innocence of a polar bear cub, and the quiet resting spot of a seal. Yet, the ice is melting, opening the possibilities for oil companies to access the resources below. The Arctic is now not only in danger of oil spills, but industrial fishing, climate change, and more.


The Fight for Falluja by Ben C. Solomon

Like “Battle for Mosul,” this NYT piece is told from the journalist’s perspective, but what makes it so much more effective is reporter Ben Solomon’s ability to include the viewer as he reports on the fighting in Falluja. Whether that’s sitting with Iraqi soldiers as rockets are being shot from a building or standing in an abandoned ISIS jail cell.


T)raumzwang – Dream Constraint by Pascal Hanke

Agoraphobia is the abnormal fear of crowds and public spaces, often accompanied by panic attacks. Berliner Oskar experiences this every day when he leaves his flat, the only place he feels safe. An increased heartrate, rapid breathing, excessive sweating. This virtual reality project allows everyone to experience how this phobia distorts perception even during something as banal as a ride on the metro or daily shopping.


  • Date: 29 September 2018
  • Time: 11.000 am - 8.00 pm
  • Venue: The School




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