Step onto the pedals of one of the specially engineered bikes from Biji-Biji Initiative and get the film playing. Everyone who arrives at the screening can get involved and pedal for as long as they can. Taking turns is, of course, allowed.

Malaysia: energize the world – Founders Valley (4/10) by DW Documentary

Founders in Malaysia are stepping up to the plate. German entrepreneur Fridtjof Detzner talks to them about the increasing demand for energy and their drive to find alternatives. The vision: to secure the planet’s energy supply.


Power Down 2 Power All by Ayu Abdullah and Teresa Krug

Realizing that the planet is in danger from climate change and greenhouse gases, a boy takes it upon himself to improve efficiency of mankind’s overall power consumption. His mission: to free up power for the planet and everyone who lives on it, one device at a time.


On the Brink of Extinction : The Malayan Tiger by WWF Malaysia & Nuvista Media

We are losing our Malayan tigers, and we need to make them a national priority. Mini story told through the eyes of an individuals, highlighting the need for greater collaborative efforts to save the king of Malaysia’s forests.


The Little Dhoby of Penang by Adrian Lee

Settlement known as the Dhoby Ghaut faces extinction as laundry is today washed using the touch of a button. This film documents how Ramen and his friends struggle to keep their trade alive in today’s modern world.


Barber Kubur by Adrian Lee

Barber Kubur documents the journey of Pak Din and his friends who once ran a barbershop in a cemetery minus the hair-raising experiences and supernatural occurrences..


Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil by Salon Alpin

This film spotlight the destruction of Indonesian rain forest for the production of palm oil with an emotional 90-second film narrated by Emma Thompson.



Bau Hutan by Awang Ketut

Bau Hutan is a protest monologue in response to the extensive and indiscriminate logging in Kelantan that is believed to have caused the massive floods in 2014. The film questions how power is used in the name of religion as a licence to environmental degradation that led to the suffering of thousands

Bikes VS Cars by Fredrik Gertten

Activists and thinkers fight for better cities, and refuse to stop riding bicycles despite the increasing number of riders killed in traffic.



  • Date: 29 September 2018
  • Time: 11.00 am - 8.00 pm
  • Venue: The School

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