• Year: 2016
  • Duration: 55 minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: English with Malay Subtitle

Film Director(s)

Adrian V. Eagle

Film Synopsis:

“THE DIGITAL LEADER” is the first documentary in the world about the charismatic, controversial and authoritarian Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the “Digital Leader” who has promised to turn the Asian giant into the third world economic power within 2030. But Modi also belongs to RSS, the paramilitary organization that wants to change India in a fundamentalist Hindu state, and his government is the first step in this direction.

“The Digital Leader” shows the fulminating rise to power of the actual Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He was born in a very low Indian caste and emancipated from his humble origins becoming a member of RSS, a paramilitary organization voted to the Hindu supremacy on the other religions, before all others Muslim ones, which counts 180 million believers in India.

In 2001, Modi became governor of the Gujarat state, supported by the BJP, Hindu’s extreme right wing party. Few months after he was elected, during one-month long riots, 1.000 Muslims were killed, 250 women raped and burnt, 100.000 displaced. Modi was accused for not having opposed the massacre in any way.

Modi started the so-called Indian digital revolution of the smart phones during the 2014’s political elections. The young digital native Indians supported and voted him into power with 170.000.000 votes. Today Modi is the world’s second most followed politician on Twitter and on Facebook.

Modi does not make press conferences and does not grant interviews; he communicates only through the web and social media, which almost totally controls through an “army of trolls”.

Now RSS and BJP have the total control of the federal government, and new laws inspired by the Hindu tradition are increasing.

Writers are not feeling free to write what they want, filmmakers feel threatened and minorities are feeling extremely unsafe, especially the Christians and the Muslims.

“The Digital Leader”” shows to the world what is happening in India. We are to the dawn of an economic revolution in the nation that, by itself, represents on sixth of the entire world’s population.

Modi, the one and only commander in chief, tells us his vision of the future through his public discourses, while his most faithful followers describe the tale of the Indian dawning star. The dissidents, the journalists, the persecuted religious and the intellectuals unveil the fear that India, hypnotized by the dream of an economic development, may lose its multicultural background, secular and tolerant, its label of the “largest democracy of the world”, to become an Hindu fundamentalist state.

Without peace every other dream fades away, and is reduced in ashes

– Jawaharlal Nehru, I° Prime Minister of India, August 28th 1954

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