“Songs of Freedom” human rights concert. This night of songs, music, dance and celebration of human rights will feature Shh…Diam,  Monsoon Market feat Alena Murang, Sons of the Soil, Skits, and Azmyl Yunor and Orkes Padu.

Artists profile


Feminist punk queer band from Kuala Lumpur






Monsoon Market 

Established in September 2014, Monsoon Market combines the elements of Orang Asli, Traditional Malaysian, Coastal and Straits music with Alternative Rock.





Alena Murang

Growing up in Borneo, Alena was surrounded by rich natural environment and many different indigenous cultures of the island. She is part Kelabit – one of the smallest ethnic groups on the island. Learning from her Kelabit elders, Alena sings, dances and plays the sape’ (a traditional lute instrument). Her performances are a sharing of these dying art forms.


Sons of the Soil

Beer-Soaked, Sedition-Defying, Fire n’ Brimstone Malaysian





Like everything, and nothing you’ve heard–made up of (ex) members from Free Deserters, Citizens of Ice Cream and The Endleaves, what started as an experiment eventually turned into a full fledged band. Combining the love for melody, psychedelia, film/movies,samplers and condensing it into songs that reads like a summary of a forgotten reel.


Azmyl Yunor and Orkes Padu

A Malaysian band still keeping it REAL


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