• Year: 2017
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Language: Malay with English Subtitle

Film Director(s)

Shafie Dris

Film Synopsis:

The orang Asli population which consists of 18 tribes makes up of only about 0.5% of the 30 million total population in Malaysia. The culture and life of the orang asli is strongly tied to the land and its environment. The British colonizers then introduced Act 134 which was supposed to protect the orang asli from the communist threat then. But in fact this Act actually took away the right of the orang asli to land and gave more power to the authorities to control their land. This film highlights several examples of land cases in different parts of Malaysia and the struggle of the orang asli network, the JKOASM to defend their ancestral lands including their relentless efforts to advocate their case to the different government bodies and the national human rights committee.

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