• Year: 2016
  • Duration: 96 minutes
  • Country: India
  • Language: Hindi with English Subtitle

Film Director(s)

Khushboo Ranka & Vinay Shukla

Film Synopsis:

Indian tax official Arvind Kejriwal decided to quit his job to become a political activist. He organised protests, tirelessly explained government practices to ordinary people at meetings and demonstrations, and proposed anti-corruption legislation. He ultimately started his own political party and ran in the New Delhi elections as a serious opponent of the two strongest government parties. Over 2 years, this man who feels ill at ease in front of the media became a professional politician. How is this opponent viewed by his political adversaries? By the media? Will he run an honest campaign? Or will his pure character drown in populist gestures? This documentary follows the difficulties behind the honest effort of a common man to change the lives of millions in the world’s’ second most populous country.

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