This workshop is dedicated to revealing the generalities of any selection process of a documentary film project. There are many pieces to the puzzle of making a successful film. An important one is how the project is presented during all phases – from development to placement. For the month of March, we are putting emphasis on the art and craft of writing a proposal for a documentary film.

If you are a budding filmmaker or you are planning to submit a film proposal for this year’s Film Grant Program, we strongly encourage you to attend the workshop as it will give you pointers on how to present and pitch your film idea successfully and give you a sense of what the panel of judges are looking for in the FreedomFilmFest 2015 proposals.

The workshop will be run together by KOMAS and MYDOCS on the 15th March 2015. It is a free workshop and open to the public. The workshop will be held in Cabaret, PJ Live Arts Centre from 2pm – 4pm.

MyDocs (Malaysian Documentary Association) is a national organisation that promotes non-fiction filmmaking talent and innovation in Malaysia. They group together ike-minded people to help build a strong community of filmmakers that can work together sharing resources and ideas for the benefit of the industry.

For more information on MyDocs, please visit

Please register here for the workshop.

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