“A documentary is a reflection of those that are part of a system. If the reflection is not being watched and discussed and forged into a collective consciousness, the nation will fail to learn from its own children. “
– Amelia Hapsari, Indonesian filmmaker & FreedomFilmFest2020 Festival Jury

Festival Programme

Festival Programme

Premiere Screenings of Malaysian and South East Asian Films

FreedomFilmFest2020 ‘s Film Screenings Program
This year’s Freedom Film Festival 2020 aims to seize your imagination with screenings of premiere Malaysian films including FreedomFilmFest2020 Film Grant winners and a selection of South East films including a Retrospective of Singaporean Filmmakers. Showcasing films and documentaries that explore issues ranging from state assault on the freedom of expression in Malaysia, the plight of sex workers in Singapore during the pandemic, art-of-the-state propaganda in North Korea and children of the disappeared in 1965 Indonesia to Orang Asli facing encroachment on their native lands.

A Retrospective of Singaporean Filmmakers
This year’s Festival also showcases a retrospective of four Singaporean filmmakers- Lynn Lee, Tay Bee Pin, Tan Pin Pin and Martyn See-their differing cinematic styles offer us a unique Singaporean signature touching on the art-of-the-state propaganda in North Korea, plight of sex workers, political dissent, media censorship and an unforgettable fire in Singapore’s HDB housing heartland.

Dec 10
Live Launch
8pm – 9pm
Meniti Senja (P)
Q&A with filmmaker Lily Fu and Puan Muji Sulaiman.
Moderated by Dr Khor Swee Keng (Physician and health policies specialist).
9.15pm – 10.15pm
AyahKu, Dr. G (P)
Q&A with filmmakers Loh Jo Yee & Hidayah Hisham.
Moderated by Azrul Mohd. Khalib (Chief Executive, Galen Centre)
Dec 11
7pm – 9pm
Singapore Retrospective
The Great North Korean Picture Show
Q&A with filmmaker Lynn Lee. Moderated by Lieu Kai Khuin (Independent Scholar on Transnational Media and Cultural Studies in Asia)
8pm – 9pm
Voices of Orang Asli Women
Selai Kayu Yek & Klinik Ku Hutan (P)
Q&A with Brenda Danker, Sherrie Tan and Sylvia Othman.
9.15pm – 10.15pm
Petani Bukan Pemalas (P)
Q&A with filmmaker Nur Fitri Amir Muhammad and Azhar Hashim. Moderated by Ili Nadiah Dzulfakar (Chairperson, Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY))
Dec 12
2pm – 3.30pm
Screening Session 1
Voices of Orang Asli Women
Selai Kayu Yek (2020)
Klinik Ku Hutan (2020)
Post-Screening Talk
with Celine Lim (Board Member, Save Rivers) & Taro Ringgit (Community Organiser).
Moderated by Izzy Daud (CIVICA Research)
4pm – 5.30pm
Screening Session 1
Singapore Retrospective
Invisible City
Q&A with filmmaker Tan Pin Pin. Moderated by Tzang (Singaporean underground filmmaker)
8pm – 9pm
Screening Session 1
The Shades of Love (2020) (P)
Q&A with filmmaker Jessica Lee and Vanessa Ho (Director of Project X, a sg-based sex workers rights NGO) and Bunny (Contributor). Moderated by Nina Chabra (FreedomFilmFest SG)
9.15pm – 10.15pm
Nasir Jani Melawan Lembaga Puaka (2020) (P)
Q&A with filmmakers Arian Md Zahari, Zikri Rahman (Independent Researcher), Nasir Jani, Amanda Nell Eu and Steven Sarathbabu. Moderated by Sheridan Mahavera (Freedom Film Network).
2pm – 3pm
Screening Session 2
Ayahku, Dr. G / My Father, Dr G (2020)
Post screening discussion "Kaji Bukan Keji" - Reconstructing Malaysia’s negative perception towards cannabis use with Harish Kumar (MASA) & Tengku Chanela Jamidah. Moderated by filmmakers Loh Jo Yee and Hidayah Hisham.
4 - 5.30pm
Screening Session 2
South East Asian Shorts
Still Here, Still Walking (2020) (Philippines)
A Daughter’s Memory (2019) (Indonesia)
Suloh (P) Malaysia
Post-screening Talk - Animating trauma and strength of HER stories in SEAsia - with filmmakers Norhayati Kaprawi, Kat Catalan & Kartika Pratiwi
Moderated by Brenda Danker (Freedom Film Network)
8pm – 9pm
Screening Session 2
Di Luar Bayangan- Kisah Chandran (P)
Di Luar Bayangan – Kisah Que Lin (P)
Q&A with filmmaker Goh Choon Ean & M.Visvanathan (Chairperson, EDICT).
Moderated by Andrew Han (FFF Penang).
Dec 13
2pm – 3pm
The Shades of Love
Post Screening Talk with Kim Guandim (Transgender Activist) & Bunny (Contributor). Moderated by Ana Jonessy (BENTARAKATA)
3pm – 4.30pm
Screening Session 1
Singapore Retrospective
Said Zahari’s 17 Years
Q&A with filmmaker Martyn See. Moderated by PJ Thum (Founder and Managing Director, New Naratif).
4pm – 5pm
Meniti Senja
Post-Screening Talk with
Chua Yee Ling (Initiator for Village Vision Coalition)
& Ku Chee Yong (Former village head of Kampung Grisek, Muar, Johor). Moderated by Ashleigh Lim (ENGAGE)
5pm – 6pm
Screening Session 1
Meniti Senja
Q&A moderated by Abdul Razak (LASKAR)
8.30pm – 9.30pm
Screening Session 1
Petani Bukan Pemalas
Post-Screening Talk with Adj. Prof Anthony Wong (Founder of Asian Overland Tourism and Hospitality) & Shamsul bin Remeli (Paddy Farmer).
Moderated by Shareen Rahmat (SUATUKALA)
3pm - 4pm
Screening Session 2
Post Screening Talk with Norhayati Kaprawi (Filmmaker), Dr. Wan Zumusni (Kelab Warisan Wibawa) & Syarifatul Adibah (Sisters in Islam). Moderated by Rozana Isa (Sisters in Islam)

5pm – 6pm
Screening Session 2
Singapore Retrospective
Memory Makers: The Four HDB Blocks of Siglap
Orang Singapura
Q&A with filmmaker Tan Bee Pin. Moderated by Neo Swee Lin &
Lim Kay Siu (Veteran actors and online entertainers).
8.30pm - 9.30pm
Screening Session 2
Nasir Jani Melawan Lembaga Puaka
Post Screening Talk: "Reforming film censorship in Indonesia: A conversation with filmmaker, Riri Riza