“Somehow I feel that an ordinary person-the man in the street if you like-is a more challenging subject for exploration than people in the heroic mold. It is the half shades, the hardly audible notes that I want to capture and explore. My films are about human beings, human relationships, and social problems. I think it is possible for everyone to relate to these issues“
– Satyajit Ray, filmmaker


Social Films for Social Change


FreedomFilmFest is an international human rights film festival organised by the Freedom Film Network and Goethe-Institute Malaysia. We are also a part of the Social Films for Social Change project funded by the European Union.

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of filmmakers, activists and civil society organisations as the key actors to use films to increase understanding, raise awareness and encourage citizen participation in Malaysia. The overarching aim is to towards advancing human rights, with a particular focus on women rights and empowerment of indigenous peoples.

For more information, you can visit http://www.Goethe.de/Malaysia/SocFilms4SocChange