In a special collaboration with FFF, the mechanics of the competition are tweaked to challenge the artists further. The featured artists were given a preview of this year’s documentaries and they will interpret and paint their perspective LIVE before an audience against the clock with only a 30-minute time limit!
Three young filmmakers share their views on creativity, career and impact in documentaries. What young people can bring to documentaries? Can it bring you fame and fortune? Can it be your weapon to create a better world?
Is the Fake News threat as big as some make it out to be? Is legislation inevitable and what are its implications on freedom of expression and activism. What are the different ways we can respond effectively to identify and curb Fake News?
a film screening event will be held within the community at PPR Lembah Subang 2, Petaling Jaya. Malaysian human rights films from the festival will be screened followed by a discussion with the MP and representatives from relevant government departments and organisations.
The IDFA Pitch is a platform for Malaysian filmmakers to pitch their social and environmental justice film project at the FFF2019. The winner of the best pitch will get an all-expense-paid trip to attend IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam), the biggest international documentary film festival in the world in November 2019.
Change happens by telling universal human stories. Documentaries and films at large are gold to start or nourish positive impact dynamics. How can film join activism and how can audiences join filmmakers in their fights, with simple tools.
In this session, volunteers of community initiatives in the city share memorable stories from their clients and the valuable lessons they have learnt from listening to them.
This multimedia workshop is focused on using photography and video, and adopts a different perspective by inviting kitchen soup volunteers, artists and young filmmakers to converse with the homeless people. They collaboratively produce short multimedia narratives aim at shining a different light on the homeless through their personal sharing of experiences and stories.
In our contemporary world, the lack of national and state funding, market deregulation, growing power of global corporations, and increasing competition for scarce real estate often burden our neighbourhoods. This causes serious distortions in their social fabric, and putting the goal of ensuring equitable, inclusive, and just cities at risk.
This session will discuss with 4 young Malaysians who have chosen to deal with this incident in their films/artwork and listen to them share about their motivations and what they have learnt from their experiences.
In this session, we hear from students about their daily economic struggles and also explore what can be done to help students with financial needs.
This forum is an open platform for video activists and filmmakers who are gathered for the festival to have a peer-to-peer sharing and to talk about new challenges and opportunities around producing videos that will make a significant impact for social change.
This award winning documentary filmmaker and video journalist will share his experience in experimenting and using different styles and techniques of story telling to create a popular demand for social and environmental justice issues videos.

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