FreedomFilmFestival 2018

"Mend The Gap"
The 16th edition of the FreedomFilmFest is a call to action to “Mend The Gap”. Despite progress in science, technology and democracy, the gaps between the rich and poor, the have and have nots, the powerful and the powerless are getting deeper and wider.

This year’s 8-day festival programme in Petaling Jaya consist of a total of 53 films and 15 thematic talks, workshops and masterclasses. All of the film screenings will be followed with a Question and Answer session with the filmmaker, the protaganist or an invited resource person.

Film grants were given out:

  • Lawrence Jayaraj – The Story of Kam Agong
  • Low Watan – In the Dark
  • Putri Purnama Sugua – Aku Mau Skola
  • Yusri Sapari – Trailer Boys

Award Winners for FFF2018 are:

  • Best Documentary (Feature) : “The Cleaners” by Hans Block & Moritz Riesewieck
  • Best Documentary (Short) : “Rising From Silence” by Shalahuddin Siregar
  • Best Short Film: “Retouch” by Kaveh Mazaheri
  • Best Student Film: “Vani: A Flower in The Void” by Eunice Alexander

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