FFF2017 Festival Programme

2-9th September, PJ Live Arts, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya
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2nd September 2017

Selfie with The Prime Minister

Ziaur Rahman loves to take selfies. However, he is no ordinary youth. He is a Rohingya refugee who grew up in a refugee camp and was trafficked by human traffickers.

The Hills and The Sea

This is the story of the hills and sea’s of Penang, highlighting the struggle of Mohd Ishak, a coastal fisherman and Joleen Yap, a wildlife researcher on Dusky Leaf Monkey.

An Insignificant Man

Indian tax official Arvind Kejriwal decided to quit his job to become a political activist. He organised protests, demonstrations, and proposed anti-corruption legislation.

3rd September 2017

Sunday Beauty Queen

Beneath Hong Kong’s glittering facade, Filipinas working as domestic helpers work in relative anonymity and for near slave wages.

So you wanna be a singer songwriter?

Singing a song, writing the lyrics and adding music to it is hard. Combining all these tasks to make music expressing activism and human rights can be the hardest thing to do.

In the shade of fallen Chinar

This is a short documentary that was shot in Kashmir valley few days before the unrest began, we take a peep into the lives of young Kashmiri artists who are also University students.

Songs of Freedom Concert

This concert night will feature Shh…Diam, Monsoon Market feat Alina Murang, Jes Ibrahim, Sons of the Soil, Skits, Azmyl Yunor and Orkes Padu and Fabian Mark Peter.

4th September 2017

Change The World – Films & Their Impact Strategies

A lot of filmmakers and production companies have started to use the magical word “impact” in the official papers and film descriptions. A lot of documentaries do not only try to attract the audience by their strong stories but also to inspire them to change the reality.

5th September 2017

Digital story telling for Seniors

New technology gives new opportunities! This workshop aims to encourage life-long learning and empower seniors to use digital technology to share their stories

6th September 2017

Seed: The Untold Story

Just behind the Arctic Circle on the island of Spitsbergen stands a concrete structure that resembles a bomb shelter.

#6054 – Bangsa Malaysia Workshop (BMW)

Malaysia’s slogan “Malaysia Truly Asia” best exemplifies the spirit of unity in diversity. But after years of independence, is the country really free of racism and discrimination?

Shadow World

SHADOW WORLD unravels a number of the world’s largest and most corrupt arms deals through those involved in perpetrating and investigating them.

Nowhere to Hide

When the US Army withdrew from Iraq in 2011, it left a country in decay after years of fighting and sectarian violence.

7th September 2017

Freedom of Expression and Documentary Filmmaking

Don’t hurt anyone, work with love and respect, and tell a beautiful eternal story. They will discuss strategies and tools for effective and creative storytelling in countries where freedom of speech is fragile, or not guaranteed.

Abai | Neglected

The Orang Asli population which consists of 18 tribes makes up of only about 0.5% of the 30 million population in Malaysia. Their culture is strongly tied to the land and nature.

The Big Tree

The Karen people of Bangkloi went to the administrative court to hear the verdict against national park authorities.

The Hope of Honey Hunter

This short film tells about the situation of Dayak Ma’anyan indigenous people in East Barito District, Central Kalimantan province.

Pagbarug tu Pagtuon | Right to Learn

This is the story of around 400 Manobo Lumads, students and community teachers from Talaingod, Davao del Norte who have evacuated to UCCP Haran in Davao.

Dawai Dawai

In Sarawak, “the ones who live upstream” are the first affected by the deforestation. The Penan, once a nomadic people, are caught today in the eye of that storm.

The Opposition

Joe Moses believes that, as long as he is alive, his duty is to help people. An Australian developer is trying to forcibly evict them.

8th September 2017

Potongan | Cuts

Indonesian law stipulates that all film must go through censorship before any public screening. The director and producer of Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly, 2008, submitted their film.


Sittwe is a short documentary about two teenagers affected by conflict in Burma’s Rakhine state; a Buddhist boy and a Muslim girl who were displaced by communal violence in 2012.

Life as we know it

The Maramagyi are a Buddhist ethnic group who came to Myanmar’s Rakhine State from Bangladesh almost two centuries ago.

Red Clothes

RED CLOTHES is a sordid story of profound indifference to individual rights and humanity at the cost of global fashion-revolution in Cambodia.


It is not so simple to marry in East Nusa Tenggara. Men are obliged to offer a significant dowry to the bride’s family.

Burma Storybook

Poetry helped Burmese people survive the dictatorship. The films main character is 70 year-old poet Maung Aung Pwint, who spent many years behind bars for his writing and activism.

9th September 2017

Not Covered

When the camera becomes a passion, a curse and at the same time a tool for disclosing the antimonies between Yemen and the rest of the world.

EVICTED! (Year 1)

EVICTED! is year 1 from a multi-year short film project. It follows four neighbors in Penang who are evicted as the town gentrifies.

Journey to Raya Padi

It’s been years since Ewok last been in the Temiar village of his home. The communities there made national headlines when they built several blockades to stop deforestation.

Saving Sungei

One person’s junk is another person’s treasure. In Singapore, Mr Koh campaigns against the imminent closure of Sungei ‘Thieves’ Market, which leaves its elderly vendors destitute.

On the Way of Blossom

In order to live with her girlfriend Kai Li, Ah Tang left Malaysia for Taiwan. As same-sex marriage hasn’t been legalized, Ah Tang has no choice but to stay on with a student visa.

Anak Malaysia

A story about a primary school student facing a cognitive dissonance in his own identity that reflects the multiethnic cultural background of the Malaysian society.

Village Renaming

When the names of communities and places were changed by the Thai officials from Melayu into Thai, local people felt alienated from the places they have been since ancestral times.

The Digital Leader

This is a documentary about the charismatic, controversial and authoritarian Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who promised to turn his country to a third world economic power.

Diary for Prasana

This is the life of Indira Gandhi, a Hindu mother. Her husband whom converted to Islam took away her daughter. She has not managed to see her child for the last 7 years.

Saving Malaysia

Malaysia’s ruling regime and its Prime Minister Najib Razak is embroiled in one of the biggest financial scandals the world has ever seen.

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is helping us understand human rights violations better.

Festival goers can get to experience a selection of VR stories at our booth on Level 2 (above the PJ Live Arts Theatre).

Featured VR Stories

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