Festival Edition 2004

Justice. Equality. Peace


In 2004, FreedomFilmFest started its first ever Film Competition Awards!

Packing 358mins minutes of social conscious filmmaking over two days, the FreedomFilmFest celebrated a new genre of films exploring social realities. At the same time it unearthed new talents as well recognised the efforts of critically acclaimed
Malaysian filmmakers who are fast building a following outside of mainstream cinema. All in the name of unravelling our Bolehland!

Films Screened at this edition

  1. 1979 by Albert Hue
  2. 2020 by Sam Hui
  3. A Displaced Lot by Lachperabu s/o Santhinathan
  4. A Place Called Home by Jimmy Choong
  5. At The First Glance by Azrom Norhakim
  6. Blacked Out by Alvin Seah
  7. Bukak Api by Osman Ali / Julian Jayaseela
  8. Classrooms by Ho Yuhang
  9. Dancing Kites by Azharr Ruddin
  10. Firefly in The Darkness by Tan Siang Chen
  11. Kangkung by Angie Choo
  12. Let’s Campaign by Low Tuck Chan
  13. Love Hurts by Nirmala Shan
  14. Mlm by Lee Chien
  15. Moris Rasik by Haanim Bamadhaj
  16. Raage Mood by Slyvia Ong
  17. Sex Education in Malaysia: Are we doing enough? By Lydia Lubon & Ahmad Yazid
  18. Sheltering the Wrong Ones by Ong Boon Keong
  19. Speak Up by Shasha
  20. Success by Sahtesan
  21. The Big Durian by Amir Muhammad and James Lee
  22. The Black, White and Grey by Zan Azlee
  23. The Paper by William Kok
  24. The Rebel Dance by Kumar Thangaiah
  25. The Road Not Taken by Pauline Tay

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