Festival Edition 2014


In 2014, Freedom Film Festival screened 37 inspiring local and international shorts, films and documentaries around the theme of ‘Freedom’.

News Coverage

  1. Komas FreedomFilmFest kicks off Saturday with freedom-themed movies (Astro Awani, 5 September 2014)
  2. FreedomFilmFest returns (New Straits Times, 2 September 2014)
  3. Two alternate narratives of Singapore’s history at FreedomFilmFest (The Online Citizen, 5 September 2014)

Films Screened at this edition

  1. 2 Brothers by Worrawut Lakchai
  2. 8 Months by Huseyin Aydin Gursoy
  3. A Short Film on The May 13 Generation by Jason Soo
  4. Afghan Doll by Mohammad Abedian
  5. Article 18: The Movie by Min Than Oo & Sein Lin
  6. Banned Expression by Sonam Wangdue
  7. Between Allah and Me (And Everyone Else) by Kyoko Yokoma
  8. Bohe: Sons of The Waves by Nadjoua Bansil & Linda Basil
  9. Cha Fang: The Questioning by Zhu Rikun
  10. Dancing with Style by Xander De Boer
  11. Dangerous Acts: Starring The Unstable Elements in Belarus by Madeleine Sackler
  12. Di Ambang: Living Stateless by Vila Somiah & Matt Filmore
  13. Diwalwal: The Cursed Gold of The Phillippines by Philippe Couture
  14. Enter by Kaung Sint
  15. Faridullah’s Day Off by J.Pedersen & Taj M. Bakhtari
  16. Ida’s Choice by Justin Ong Tat Tiong
  17. Jalanan by Daniel Ziv
  18. Kemarin, Hari Ini dan Sesudahnya by Budiyanto
  19. Madam Phung’s Last Journey by Nguyen Thi Tham
  20. No Man’s Land by Michael Graversen
  21. Save Sarawak, Stop The Dams by Linus Ching Yao Fui
  22. Seed of The Fight by Amanda Alvarez Diaz
  23. Shattered by Nazreen Rao
  24. Sunset Over Selungo by Ross Harrison
  25. Survivors Speak Up by Goh Poo and Seldon Aruel, Rajesh Kumar, Lum Chun Hin, Ivy Josiah and Sally Wangsawijaya
  26. The Last Refugee by Anne-Laure Poree & Guilaume Suon
  27. To Light A Candle by Maziar Bahari
  28. To Singapore With Love by Tan Pin Pin
  29. Untouchable: Children of God by Grant Knisely
  30. Wade Get Out by Aida Grovestins
  31. Warisan by Wong Siew Ki
  32. When I Was A Kid by Yoe Yi En
  33. When We Leave by Feo Aladag
  34. Wukan: Flame of Democracy by Lynn Lee & James Leong

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The 2014 Award Winners

Freedom Film Fest Film Grant Winners

Ronasina for Anur Nak Sekolah
Zunar & Mic Hoo for Fight through Cartoon
Azhar Rudin for Lebuh Agraria