Festival Edition 2013

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In 2013, the three grant winning FFF2012 films made their online debut, with more than 60,000 hits for each film in a span of one week. Google Hangouts with the three filmmakers and special guests were also organised, and well received with a record breaking 3000 participants who had the opportunity to ask the filmmakers questions during the hangout.

The film competition was also opened up to filmmakers from around the South East Asian region and non-documentary films with a human rights’ theme were also accepted. In the spirit of its mission to build capacity, the festival organised a masterclass with renown filmmaker Marcus Vetter

Films Screened at this edition

  1. A Stray Hero by Hisyam Salleh (MY)
  2. Ashaari by Ft Media & Friends (TH)
  3. Atas Nama by Abduh Aziz & Kisno Ardi (ID)
  4. Berteman dengan Perbedaan by Budiyanto (ID)
  5. Breaking the Cage by Marc Eberle (KH)
  6. Cinema of Jenin by Markus Vetter (DE)
  7. Consider by Panu Saeng-Xuto (TH)
  8. Daughter and The Palmae Blossoms by Polen Ly (KH)
  9. Desperation by Rui Pilao (PT)
  10. Di Sebalik Frekuensi by Ucu Agustin (ID)
  11. Entablado by EJ Mijares (PH)
  12. Exit by Pepe Botias (ES)
  13. Flickers by Maung Maung Tha Myint (MM)
  14. Forgottten Bird of Paradise by Dominic Brown (UK)
  15. From Machang to Kajang by Jules Ong (MY)
  16. Home by Lourdes Arjunan (MY)
  17. In The Name of Love by Dian Lasvita Dwiyanti (ID)
  18. Jadi Jagian Ala Ahok by Chandra Tanzil & Amelia Hapsari (ID)
  19. Jazz in Love by Baby Ruth Vilarama (PH)
  20. Kopi dan Dia by Fikri Jemadi (MY)
  21. Mama Malind Su Hilang by Nanang Sujana (ID)
  22. My Name’s Untac by Vanna Hem (KH)
  23. My Pink Room by Vachan Sharma (KW)
  24. Nguyen Linh by Le Thu Minh (VT)
  25. Orang Gila Juga Manusia by Budiyanto (ID)
  26. Qafas by Prateek Srivastava (IN)
  27. Queen of The Dessert by Alex Kelly (AU)
  28. Red Wedding by Lida Chan & Guilaime Suon (KH)
  29. Senyawa by Wregas Bhanuteja (ID)
  30. Setelah 15 Tahun by Tino Saroengalle (ID)
  31. Shattered Peace by Siti Nurbaiyah Nadzmi (MY)
  32. Siblek by Wregas Bhanuteja (ID)
  33. Tailor of Pertama by Badrul Hisham Ismail (MY)
  34. Tanpa Wajah by Leila K Jarman (US)
  35. Tanpa Wajah by Wong Tay Sy, Hariati Azizan & Gan Siong King (MY)
  36. Temani Aku Bunda by Tedika Puri Amanda (ID)
  37. The Act of Killing by Joshua Oppenheimer (US)
  38. The Court by Marcus Vetter & Michele Gentile (DE)
  39. The Day That Rive Ran Red by Shanjey Kumar Perumal (MY)
  40. The Peoples’ Tribunal by Tan Chui Mui (MY)
  41. The Steps We Take by Nanda Maw Lin (MM)
  42. To Love is To Let Go by Sausan Saulat (PK)
  43. Ulama Perempuan by Yati Kaprawi (MY)
  44. We got Married by Nguyen Ha Phuong (VT)

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