Call 4 Entries (Malaysia)

Submission for films for FreedomFilmFest 2020 is now open to films that embodies the theme of Non Discrimination
Films from AsiaFrom other regions
Name of Person who is submitting
Full Name(s) of Director(s)
Director(s) Short Biography (50-100 words)

Minimum 300px x 300px. Accept jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and bmp only.

Film Details

Only required if original title not in English
(in minutes)
Country of Origin: Malaysia

Submit according to origin:   Asia   |   Other Regions

Online password (if any)


8MB limit for each uploaded file

English subtitle form in srt format
Required. Accept txt, doc, docx, and pdf only
Required. Accept jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and bmp only.

Required. Allowed multiple files. Accept jpg, jpeg, png, gif, and bmp only.

Terms & Conditions

By submitting this form, you hereby acknowledge that:

  1. You have read the festival rules & regulations;
  2. You have the full right of have the written permission from the owner of the film to enter it to FreedomFilmFest2020;
  3. You given permission to FreedomFilmFest to use this film for any screenings or promotion of the festival;
  4. You hereby acknowledge and agree that all information provided in correct and true.
  5. Your submission will be automatically disqualified if the information provided is not accurate.

You will receive a confirmation email upon your successful submission. If you are unable to submit via this form, kindly email

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