Freedom Film Festival

International Human Rights Documentary and Social Film Festival

FFF began in 2003

with the aim to create a much needed platform for filmmakers and activists to showcase their films and advocate their causes to the Malaysian public. It is also an occassion to celebrate great films and filmmakers and to talk about the films in an intimate, interactive, open atmosphere.
The Freedom Film Festival was founded on the idea that the unique voice of films speak to each and every one of us to bridge divides, ignite conversations and challenge perceptions. Every year it has become a highly anticipated cultural event that showcases critically acclaimed human rights and social justice films from Malaysia and around the world.
Freedom Film Festival offers a spectacle of latest award-winning films and talents from the world over – opening up conversations around films through discussion panels, workshops, masterclasses, and audience interactions to bring together the social activist and film going communities in Malaysia.

This year 2020 where a pandemic is still sweeping across the world, rebooting the reality of our lives and changing what we once took as normal life into something very different, the Freedom Film Fest like most festivals worldwide has had to adapt – and transition to an online digital experience with not just the film screenings but all of our forums and discussion panels set to take place in a digital space. Our world may have comes off the rails but our commitment to filmmaking perseveres. The festival now returns in its 18th year to highlight the finest local and regional filmmakers in their goal to champion real human stories.

Freedom Film Festival 2020: Race : Human

This year, FreedomFilmFestival returns for four days from 10-13th December with the timely theme RACE : HUMAN. Especially relevant this year where we have grappled with ideas of race, creed, colour, migrant, refugee and the systemic injustices faced by those defined as other. This year’s Fest features works by some of our film grant winners exploring what it means to be the other.

The festival will run online via the streaming platform CloudTheatre. Tickets and screening dates will be available from December 1, 2020 on their website.

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