2019 Demi Paymitra

This film tells the story of a child living in Kuala Lumpur city’s public housing who is left behind in Malaysia’s race to become a high-income nation.

2019 Pengidup Aku

Tony, an Iban Indigenous Person from the interior of Dalat in Mukah, Sarawak has been working as a construction worker for more than ten years. Sadly his wages remain low and his situation is not likely to change in the near future.

2019 Bila Kami Bersatu

The film documents their day-to-day experiences as hospital service workers, providing rarely seen insights into the lives of working class women in Malaysia.

2019 Doa Seorang Nelayan

In this story about class struggle, contention for space between modern and traditional, and the Machiavellian interventions of political actors, Zakaria turns to his God for wisdom and courage to stand against one of the most ambitious projects being carried out in New Malaysia.

2018 Aku Mau Skola

Aku Mau Skola reveals how stateless and marginalised children in Sabah have an incredible desire to pursue learning.

2018 Melawan Arus

Melawan Arus traces the undercurrents beneath the waves that swept away the 61 year rule of the Barisan Nasional government in Malaysia.

2018 In The Dark

In The Dark provides us an intimate observation of two people and moves us away from stereotypes, focusing instead on their strengths, dreams and hopes for the future.

2018 Trailer Boys

Trailer Boys follows the journey of Muhammad Irfan Rafieh, a key member of Abam2 Trailer Singapura, which is a community of heavy vehicle drivers from Singapore.

2018 Waiting For Time

“Menunggu Masa” a documentary by the S-ploited highlights how miscarriage of justice is just one reason why the death penalty must be repealed.

2018 POCA Boy

Can you imagine what it is like to be 16 years old and not be allowed to go further than 10KM from your home for an indefinite period of time?

2018 Tak Kesampaian

Despite poverty and socio-cultural hindrances, some Orang Asli youths do rise above and complete their secondary education. Nevertheless, their struggle doesn’t pay off.

2018 The Story of Kam Agong

Through ‘The Story of Kam Agong’, we get a glimpse of the state of maternity healthcare available to villagers living in rural areas of Sarawak.

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