Between Boxes

Between Boxes looks at the ways in which Indian Muslims navigate racial categorisation in Malaysia.

Big Bad Bangsar

Once known as a rubber estate in the early 20th Century, the affluent suburb of Bangsar has now become a byword for gentrification.

Borrowed Time

On 30th July 2015, MRT Corp announced their plan to demolish Malaysia’s first and oldest shopping centre, Ampang Park Mall to make way for the upcoming MRT project.

Chitty: Retracing the Forgotten

This documentary brings forward the voices of old and new Chitty’s generation aside from bridging the generation gap on the significance of Kampung Chetti to the Chitty community.


Countdown is a poetic documentary that tells the story of a family who has their loved one currently on death row in Singapore.

Small Talk

We live in the same space. But we’ve lived like strangers under one roof for decades now. The only exchanges are the meals she cooks for me. No hellos, no goodbyes, and no “I love you.”

The Cycle

THE CYCLE follows the homecoming journey of a gay Singaporean man, who desires his father’s acceptance of his husband, their soon-to-be born son and ultimately, himself.

Uncelebrated 湮没无闻

The marvelous action and breath-taking explosions on our screens are made by a group of great people with great skills. They are often not known to the public but the production team needs them.

Uncle Tommy

Year: 2017 Duration: 8 minutes Country: Singapore Language: Mandarin Subtitle: English  Film Director(s) Tan Shi Ying (Singapore) Film Synopsis: To certain cultures, methods of burial and last rites pose the only certainty in one’s dealings with death....

Vani: A Flower in the Void

A girl is abandoned by her family at the age of seven. Ten years later she sets on a journey to meet her estranged mother in hopes of finding the truth behind her abandonment.

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