“I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything.”
– John Steinback, author​


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Using films for social impact! Gunakan filem untuk mencetus perubahan sosial

This year, together with Goethe-Institut and the European Union, through the “Social Films For Social Change” project, FFN is embarking on a new programme to empower CSOs to master the use of films for social...

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Smaller Festival, Bigger Love

About 10 minutes into the first online screening of “Meniti Senja” – part of the 2020 FreedomFilmFest – a chat box meant for the audience to comment on the film blew up. Accolades, comments and...

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“The Shades of Love” – Documenting Life Through the Voices of Singapore’s Sex Workers

As Covid-19 rages across the world, lives have been upended, institutions left in panic and entire industries affected. From tourism to aviation, food and beverage to the creative industries – livelihood and normalcy desperately needed...

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Unwanted: Memperjuangkan Warga Tua Terabai

“Dalam sebuah masyarakat yang memuja kekayaan dan harta benda, warga tua yang terabai tidak mempunyai daya, suara, mahupun hak” ujar Lily Fu, 72 dalam melihat duduk letak sebilangan komuniti yang dilupakan masyarakat.

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Ayahku Dr G: Filem Melawan Dogma

Ganja – untuk sekian lama distreotaipkan masyarakat sebagai bahan terlarang yang memudaratkan. Bagi penguasa, bukan sahaja di Malaysia malah hampir seluruh dunia sejak bermula abad ke-20; ganja dipukul rata dan dibingkaikan sebagai gateway drug kepada...

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Ayahku Dr G Documentary Follows Man Fighting For His Life & Medical Marijuana

Prior to his arrest, Amiruddin had found effective relief in the use of marijuana to treat his own chronic illnesses and had decided to help other terminally ill patients who were suffering from epilepsy and...

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New Documentary To Explore Abandoned Elderly People in Malaysia

“In a society where cash is king, destitute elderly have no power, no voice and no rights”

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FreedomFilmFest 2020 Calls For Film Entries on Non-Discrimination

FreedomFilmFest (FFF), Malaysia’s leading international human rights documentary film festival is back for 2020 and this year’s theme will focus on non-discrimination. With that in mind, FFF2020 is now calling for film grant proposals and...

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FreedomFilmFest 2019 celebrates engagement and action on economic inequality

Freedom Film Fest (FFF) 2019: Harga Naik, Gaji Maintain wrapped in Selangor after a successful two-weekend run on 28 September 2019.

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Harga Naik, Gaji Maintain

FreedomFilmFest (FFF), Malaysia’s only human rights documentary film festival is back this year. With more than 30 diverse line-up of films from around the world, the festival is returning to PJ Live Arts, Jaya One...

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Featuring FFF2019 Film Grant Winner – Azreen Madzlan

This week we highlight filmmaker and freelance video producer Azreen Madzlan who is the recipient of one of this year’s film grants for pitching her documentary “Demi Paymitra”.

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Featuring FFF2019 Film Grant Winner – Albert Bansa

This week we highlight Sarawakian filmmaker Albert Bansa who won one of this year’s film grants for pitching his documentary “Pengidup Aku”.