A Movement to reform the film censorship system in Malaysia

This initiative is based on two in-depth reports on the legal framework of film censorship and its impact on screen industries in Malaysia, commissioned by FFN in 2020.

We hope that by highlighting the root problems and suggesting a set of reforms, we can engage stakeholders to build a brighter future for Malaysian films and ensure the independence of creative content.

Our Demands:

Films are not censored but classified according to age, especially to protect children.

The censorship content guidelines must be accurate, consistent and easy to implement. Content restrictions should only be limited to what is provided in the law and consistent with international standards of freedom of expression.

Films are regulated by an independent body made up of industry members, artists and civil society that is free from government influence.

This independent body must be professional, transparent and accountable, consisting of qualified members. The decision-making process should be transparent and can be challenged in court.

A new film policy that celebrates diversity and equality, while supporting creativity and open-mindedness to nurture a Malaysian society that is mature, critical and harmonious.

Problems of the current film censorship system

Film Censorship and you

Learn how the film censorship system restricts you as a filmmaker.       

Censorship's impact on film

Hear from those who have to deal with censorship and its impact on the film industry in Malaysia, and why the system needs to change.

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A documentary about indie filmmaker Nasir Jani who was blacklisted by authorities during the Mahathirist era for fighting corruption, copyright infringement and censorship. Nasir Jani is joined by younger filmmakers Amanda Nell Eu and Steven Sarath Babu who speak about censorship today.

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